Accounting company Legora


About us

We are not only an accounting company which provides professional accounting, tax consulting and administrative services. Our aim is to offer quality financial solutions to the business.

LEGORA provides professional services in the following areas:
• Accountancy
• Payroll administration
• Tax advising, Tax due diligence, Tax procedures and Tax planning
• Representation before state authorities
• International Reporting covering various domestic and foreign clients.

We can proudly state that our name is a symbol of expertise, responsibility and commitments. Our company offers strictly individual approach towards each client, following the corporate culture and high level of business ethics.
Our corporate policy is based on quality and efficiency in full compliance with the national and international accounting & tax regulations.

Over the years we have proven the high quality of provided by us services as well as quick and good communication and we create long-term partnerships with our clients.

Member firm of IR Global since 2019.


LEGORA is specialized in servicing clients with activities from various economic sectors – Produce of green power, Technical support of green power plants, Clinical researches in area of humanitarian medicine, Import and sale of the specific household goods, Import and sale of materials for building of green power plants, Consulting and legal services, Software solutions, Logistics and Transport, Design and Architecture, PR agencies, Activities of self-employed persons.

Our clients are Bulgarian companies, companies with foreign participation, subsidiaries of foreign companies, foreign companies with permanent establishment in Bulgaria, and many others.

The team of LEGORA is made up of experts in the fields of taxation practice, accounting and international reporting, payroll and social security. We try to attract the best specialists to offer you the best quality of services.

LEGORA Ltd. is a private limited company, established in 2006.

The company was founded and managed by Ralitsa Popova, a certified accountant. She has over 15 years of experience in accounting and tax consulting. In her professional biography, facts can be mentioned, such as:
* Chief Accountant of a large gas company;
* Тax “due diligence” of companies;
* Asset valuation and net project value formation;

Ralitsa Popova is a certified Evaluator with appraisal capacity for valuation of enterprises and receivables.


“Our main priority is to provide you with security, to orient you and to guide you in the best way in the tax world that surrounds us. What you will see in our face is expertise, responsibility and commitments. We believe in your success.”

Ralitsa Popova