Tax Services and Consulting

Implementation of the VAT Act

• Registration/deregistration on VAT Act in National Revenue Agency

• Preparing and submission of vat diaries for purchases and sales, vat declarations

• VIES declarations

• Intrastat declarations

• VAT refund

Implementation of the Corporate Income Tax Act

  • Corporate tax

  • Taxes over expenses
  • Withholding taxes (over dividends, liquidation shares, interest, etc.

Implementation of the Personal Income Tax Act

  • Defining and declaring of tax from labor or other incomes
  • Defining and declaring of taxes due by foreign persons 

Implementation of the Local Taxes and Fees Act

  • Preparing and submission of declarations for acquisition of real estates, declarations for tax on donations, declarations for acquisition of movables.

Other services in the tax area

  • Financial analysis and tax planning
• Optimization of the due taxes in compliance of legal provisions 
• Tax strategies tailored to the specifics of the activity
  • Application of the Double Tax Conventions
  • Tax due diligence

Services provided by Legora

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