Payroll administration

With monthly subscription fee

• Preparation of labor agreements, annexes and their registration

• Preparation of monthly payroll ledgers and payments slips

• Calculation of due social and health security payments

• Calculation of paid leaves and sick leaves and submission of required documents to state bodies

• Preparation of labor files, orders for paid leaves, documents for the termination of labor agreements

• Preparation and submissions of any required documents and declarations

• Submission of the documents for sick leaves

• Preparing of documents for no-labor agreements, payment slips, declarations

One-time accounting services

All services included under the monthly subscription may be subject to one-time provision:

  •   Year- end accounting and taxation
  •   Payroll administration
  •   Tax compliance and tax consultations
  •   Preparation and submission of documents
  •   Communication and representation before the tax authorities

Services provided by Legora

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